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Warm Thoughts Breakthrough Groups™ Deemed ‘Huge Asset’ to Retail Fuel Companies

Volatile prices, pressure from conversions, changing consumer behaviors, aggressive competition, fewer gallons per customer – our markets are changing as never before. And one thing that fuel companies can agree on is that this business isn’t getting any easier. But despite these challenges, they see opportunities to diversify their businesses, leverage technology for greater productivity, be more effective at sales and marketing and differentiate themselves with “new school” innovative thinking.

So where exactly do they begin? Enter Warm Thoughts Communications’ Breakthrough Groups™. Now in their ninth year, these benchmarking groups offer the opportunity to learn from our industry’s leading strategists and top fuel companies. And with over 60 participants across 12 states, these groups show little sign of slowing down.

The groups were founded based on a vision by Warm Thoughts President, Rich Goldberg. As a former leader in an Entrepreneurs Organization Forum, Rich gained insights into how small to mid-sized benchmarking groups worked best. He also saw amazing potential to apply these insights to help fuel companies create real breakthroughs in their business. When three key players in the fuel space approached Rich to facilitate meetings they were having to share ideas with each other, he jumped at the opportunity. Drawing on his experience, Rich sought to bring even more progressive companies into the mix. This became the foundation for Warm Thoughts’ Breakthrough Groups.

Today, Breakthrough Groups are formed around this same spirit of camaraderie, gathering noncompetitors to share ideas, benchmark and explore new opportunities in an open environment that is supportive, confidential and industry-focused. Participating companies are assigned a group based on their size and location, keeping clear of any potential competitors or service area overlap. Groups meet 3 times each year and supplement their gatherings with phone conferences and visits to each other’s locations throughout the year.

“Often, what happens outside the meeting is an important as what we discuss during the sessions. We have members calling each other all the time. Many times, they’ll do site visits with their team, especially if they hear that someone is doing something smart that they want their team to learn about.”

Ed Cardell, Breakthrough Group Facilitator
Senior Marketing Consultant, Warm Thoughts Communications

Agendas for the group meetings are largely based on what participants want/need to discuss. Prior to meetings, facilitators reach out to each member and ask whether they are facing anything they’d like feedback on. These points are then supplemented with broader topics of importance such as safety, technology, sales and customer retention.

“Like everyone else, we’re trying lots of different things to evolve with this changing industry. I think this group has been a huge asset in exposing me to different ideas, and helping me think through my own initiatives. It’s also nice to know that other guys are facing similar challenges.”

David Singer, Breakthrough Group Member
Robison Oil, NY

Beyond the standard meeting room, Warm Thoughts seeks to integrate an aspect of fun into every experience. Recent groups have taken in New York experiences complete with a Broadway show, attended basketball games, visited wineries, gone on boat rides, and even overseas – to Bermuda.

“Life is short. We need to evolve and that will take hard work, but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the ride.”

Rich Goldberg, Breakthrough Group Facilitator
President, Warm Thoughts Communications

The success of the groups has prompted Warm Thoughts to form additional groups. Membership is open to companies of all sizes and does not require that companies do any other work with Warm Thoughts. For more information on Breakthrough Groups, watch our latest video here.

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