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What is a Landing Page?

By definition, a landing page is any web page that you “land” on from a search engine.

And so theoretically, every page in your website even your home page, could be considered a landing page. What is important to understand, however, is the significance of that page from the user’s point of view.

It’s easiest to understand what I mean if you think about your own experience searching the web. Let’s say you’re looking for golf balls. You go to Google and type “golf balls” into the search bar. When you get to the search engine results page (SERP), you scan through the options and select what you think is the best website from which to purchase new golf balls. Let’s assume that Amazon shows up and you like to shop from Amazon, so you click through to their website. What page do you land on? The golf balls page, of course! How annoyed would you be if you landed on the Amazon home page and had to search and click your way through to find golf balls for sale?

Your own website needs to function the same way. If I do a search on “air conditioning repair,” I don’t want to land on the home page of ABC Fuel.com. I want to land on their air conditioning service page. If I land on the home page, and I don’t immediately see something about air conditioning service, I might think this company doesn’t offer what I’m looking for and then click back to the SERP to see what other companies are listed. In the industry we would call that a bounce. You would call it a lost opportunity!

Every page of your website should serve a specific purpose and be key word driven to satisfy the needs of the user. And once you show them what they are looking for, make sure you provide a call to action! CALL NOW FOR 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE!

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