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Briefing Your Customers on Bioheat®

Posted on November 13, 2018

Growing environmental concerns and an increase in green initiatives in recent years have given rise to public pressure and consumer demand for cleaner, more environmentally friendly and increasingly efficient home energy solutions. Beyond affordability, today’s consumers are looking for a reason to feel good about the energy they use.

In response to this, the heating oil industry has truly undergone a transformation. The advent of Bioheat® combined with Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil is proving to be a real game changer. But do your customers know about this transformation? And will they care?

There is good news. According to a study conducted by Warm Thoughts Communications on behalf of the National Oilheat Research Alliance, 64% of homeowners across the Northeast reported that the introduction of Bioheat would make them feel better about using oil. Moreover, 54% reported that the presence of Bioheat made them less likely to convert. The bottom line is this: if your customers know about Bioheat, they’ll care. But with only 12% of oilheat customers reporting that they’re familiar with Bioheat, how do you get them to know?


Promoting Bioheat as part of your brand communicates to customers and prospects that your company is on the cutting-edge, offering renewable and sustainable fuel. And when it comes to marketing, it’s important to consider ‘WIIFM’ – “what’s in it for me?” To position yourself as a true industry expert in your service area, there is no better place to start than communicating the benefits of Bioheat and Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil to your customers.

Rather than inundating them with industry jargon, keep your communications short, sweet, and (mostly) educational. Consider some of the following talking points for conversation starters.

Bioheat has proven to be a game-changer for our industry – isn’t it time to make it a game-changer for your company, too?

Computer screen

With more and more companies turning to Bioheat, it is more important than ever to make it a part of your brand communications. By sharing the benefits with your customers, you position your company as the local expert in your service area.

How you market your Bioheat fuel is a key to success. Marketing tools such as e-mail blasts, social media, newsletters, direct mail, bill inserts, and handouts from service technicians can be cost effective ways to get the news out about your cutting-edge, sustainable fuel. And with over 25 years’ experience in the retail energy industry, Warm Thoughts is your competitive advantage to effectively communicate your brand and deliver real marketing breakthroughs.

Ready to spread the word? Contact us today to talk about your strategy for incorporating Bioheat into your brand.

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