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Build a Brand to Match Your Image

Posted on May 18, 2018

How customers feel, think and talk about your company can affect your brand

The image the customers have of your propane company is directly linked to their experiences with you over time. Those experiences, good or bad, end up being incorporated into your brand. A bad image is difficult to overcome with a fancy branding campaign. Customers may be saying some of these things about your business:

Build your brand

If you feel comfortable about how customers feel, think, and talk about your company then you have a great opportunity to build your brand. A branding project may not be something you want to tackle by yourself. Branding campaigns with which I have been involved are always interesting and fun projects that end up with the new branding infiltrating every part of the business. It begins with a mission statement that gives the key qualities and benefits your brand offers and probably includes a new or revised logo and a tagline that says something special about your business. You need to find your story and build your brand to tell that story. What makes your propane company different from the ones down the road? What is your secret sauce? After all, if all propane companies were the same, a consumer could just toss a coin to choose a supplier.

If you are comfortable with your image, build your brand to match. Results can be measured in increased customer loyalty, more referrals, and more sales. That makes work fun and profitable!

Tom Jaenicke is Vice-President of Propane Marketing Services for Warm Thoughts Communications, a company providing Breakthrough Marketing Solutions for the energy services industry. He can be reached at or call him at 810 252-7855.

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