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Digital “the future of local advertising,” says BIA/Kelsey report

Posted on November 17, 2016

future of local advertising

That’s the gist of a recent report from BIA/Kelsey, which forecasts that revenue from local-focused online ads will exceed that of traditional locally targeted ads as soon as 2018 (talk about coming a long way in a short time!).

Here are some of the more important findings of the report:

What these trends mean for your business: Three takeaways

What do these trends mean for you and your business? Well, mostly they mean that you need to be more marketing savvy than ever to stay at the head of the pack.

More specifically, they mean that:

  1. You can no longer afford to ignore digital advertising. If you’re on the digital advertising sidelines, you’re missing out on all kinds of opportunities that – statistically, anyway – your competitors are likely to be in on. This is particularly true for mobile advertising, which continues to experience explosive growth.
  2. You shouldn’t throw out the traditional advertising baby with the bathwater. The move towards digital platforms for targeted local ads “does not signal the death knell of traditional ads,” according to the report. Everything from newsletters and direct mail to other print and even broadcast media are still fair game for your business – and should be, as long as they’re part of a sensible, targeted marketing plan, which leads us to our third takeaway…
  3. As always, an integrated, measurable marketing strategy will bring you the best return on your advertising investment. Throwing revenue at a medium like digital advertising just to get in the game isn’t the answer to your marketing problems – it’s a recipe for wasted money. As always, it’s about having a strategy – a mix of platform, message, audience segmentation, SEO, and all the other factors that can help you deliver the results you need to grow your business.

The bottom line

Digital marketing may be the future of local advertising, but like any tool it will only work for you if you know how, when, and where to use it.

That’s exactly what you’ll get here at Warm Thoughts. Contact us today – let’s get to work.

Ben Gutkin
Ben Gutkin has 25 years of industry experience and has led the marketing efforts of hundreds of propane companies and associations across the country. He spearheaded the largest national market research study into the behavior of propane homeowners and has leveraged that data into dozens of consumer campaigns. Formerly a Fortune 100 marketing executive, Gutkin is the vice president of marketing services at Warm Thoughts Communications, an industry leader in websites and digital advertising. You can reach Ben at or 201‑330‑9276.

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