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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Facebook, But Might Have Been Afraid to Ask

Posted on September 28, 2018

FacebookIf you have a Facebook page – congratulations, you’re ahead of several of your competitors in the residential energy market. However, there is a big difference between simply having a Facebook page and leveraging Facebook to its full potential. Many heating oil, propane and HVAC-related businesses alike struggle to manage their social presences in a way that both impresses audiences and drives interaction. And with Facebook now boasting over 2.2 billion monthly active users, this platform is proving to be a crucial place to reach your customers and best prospects.

Warm Thoughts has generated tremendous success for clients by understanding how to attract more followers, and more importantly, engage with them. We manage social interactions for retail energy companies with creative posts and strategy honed by our success with dozens of fuel companies. By tapping into the power of Facebook and its advertising opportunities, we’ve increased our clients’ effectiveness by over 700% and now have over 300,000 people liking the pages we manage.

While navigating this social media giant may seem overwhelming, there are a few simple things to note that can directly impact the effectiveness of your page. We’ve compiled some of the most wondered and frequently asked questions to help you maximize your business’ Facebook presence.

“I have a page, now what do I post?”
While posting industry information may seem like a given, people on Facebook are human – and nobody likes to read the same information all the time. Turn up the engagement and make your followers feel connected by asking them questions, creating competitions, and delivering original, fun content. It’s all about delivering the correct ratio of business and non-business posts. Consider some of these posts to drive engagement rates and traffic to your page.

No matter what you’re doing, consistency is key – and the same goes for your Facebook page. Posting content on a regular, consistent basis builds up your following and keeps your company relevant in news feeds. As part of the Warm Thoughts Social Media Program, we post to the pages we manage 5 times per week to maximize reach and create a more robust presence.

“What, if anything, should I be tracking?”
It’s no secret that Facebook is a goldmine of data and information. And while having access to information on the performance of your posts and page activity can provide powerful insight, it only matters if you understand which metrics are important to your business.

Reach – If you’ve noticed a decrease in Facebook performance or want more people to see your posts, Reach is a great place to start. Also known as “unique impressions,” Reach is the number of people who see your content in their newsfeeds. Reach can be determined at both the overall page and individual post levels and further broken down by city, country, and other demographic variables.

Engagement – While Reach tells you how many people have seen your content, engagement takes this a step further – showing you how many people have interacted with your content. The most important currency on Facebook, the social media giant defines engagement as “the number of people who clicked anywhere in your post,” whether it be in the form of clicking a link, sharing your post, making a reaction, or leaving a comment. The higher your engagement rate, the more likely Facebook’s algorithm is to surface your post, maximizing exposure to your audience.

Impressions – Impressions provide insight into the visibility of your post, tracking how many times its been displayed. Unlike Reach, impressions account for posts seen multiple times by a single user. If someone saw your post in their newsfeed and then again when a friend shared it, this counts as two impressions. And with so much content in the newsfeed, having people see your content multiple times could be vital in getting them to take action.

Likes & Followers – While page likes and your number of followers do not directly represent the success of your marketing efforts and posts, they’re important in tracking the size of your audience. Your number of followers should grow over time. If it stays stagnant, you’re either losing followers at the same pace as you’re gaining them or are failing to attract new followers altogether.

Metrics are key in measuring the growth of your page and the effectiveness of your posts. That’s why Warm Thoughts provides detailed Insights Reports on a monthly basis to measure progress against objectives.

Boosted Posts vs. Facebook Ads
If your Facebook activity is lacking, a simple fix may be promoting your content. And when it comes to amplifying your brand, there are 2 key options: boosted posts or Facebook Ads. So which one should you use?

While there is no single “best” method for reaching your audience, Warm Thoughts can help you develop a unique strategy specific to your company’s brand and personality. The decision to use boosted posts or Facebook Ads ultimately depends on your company’s goals, budget, and overall strategy. If you’re new to promoting Facebook content, boosted posts are a simple way to drive engagement. However, for more advanced targeting and customization, Facebook Ads offer a more robust structure and diverse capabilities.

With social media becoming an inescapable factor in our lives, businesses who fail to tap its power are missing out on a significant opportunity to build their brand, engage with customers, and generate leads.

Contact us today to see how Warm Thoughts’ Social Media Program can make your Facebook presence a source of pride and strength for your company. And for more information on growing your retail energy business with social media, download our full whitepaper, here!

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