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Know More to Grow More

Posted on July 18, 2014

If I’ve learned one thing over my years in the industry, it’s that all HVAC business owners work hard. The trouble is, you don’t grow your business by only working hard.

You grow your business by outsmarting your competitors.

When it comes to marketing, most HVAC business owners rely on their instinct and experience, advice from pros outside the industry, or (usually painful) trial and error experience to drive their growth strategy – often with disappointing results.

Why? Because they lack the information they need to build successful campaigns – the cold, hard data about what customers buy and why, where the HVAC industry is heading, and what all of that means to their business. This information is critical to spotting the opportunities that drive smart, efficient growth – but it has historically been available only to the giant manufacturers and utilities that can afford the hefty price tag to access the American Home Comfort Study.

We’re excited to announce that that’s about to change.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Decision Analyst – creators of the American Home Comfort Study – we have launched a new, affordable, and customizable service available exclusively to our customers:

Warm Thoughts Success Research Kits

To learn more about Research Kits, click here.

Imagine being able to access the same insights that drive the strategies of the most powerful players in the home comfort industry – at a fraction of the cost. Or being able to spot gaps in the industry that align with the strengths of your business, to know what makes your customers tick, or even to have a clearer perspective on what your business does well – and where you need to improve to stay competitive.

I’ve seen firsthand how helpful the information we’re offering in these Success Research Kits can be – how it can be used to improve sales, train staff, and focus marketing resources. I’ve heard the stories and seen the results, and I’ve witnessed the look on people’s faces when a simple insight shifts the direction of their thinking – when they say “my sales team needs to hear this,” as they excitedly phone the office. Simply put, you can’t get that kind of information anywhere else but Warm Thoughts – which is why we’re excited to share this announcement.

If you’re ready to learn smarter ways to grow your business, read about our Success Research Kits. Or just contact us– we’re happy to find a solution that helps you succeed.

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