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May 2020 Core Update: New Google Algorithm Change

Posted on May 7, 2020

Google has confirmed via Twitter that a new search algorithm update has begun rolling out across all users as of May 4, 2020 and will take about one to two weeks for it to be fully implemented.

Officially, it is called the May 2020 Core Update.

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Did you know that Google updates its algorithm every day?
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Since 2015 with the introduction of RankBrain, Google has been using machine learning to better understand a user’s search intent.

Essentially, there are many ranking factors with various weightings applied to your search query that determine what results appear for you.

Some of these include:

Machine learning allows Google to mathematically predict and calculate the best search results for a user based on what others have found relevant to them for a particular query.

Millions of search queries are happening daily and Google still dominates other search engines with nearly 90% of market share.

Your search terms and results are a treasure trove of data being used to better train and improve their search algorithm every day.

However, Google occasionally makes significant changes to its search algorithm and system through core updates.

What Are Google Algorithm Core Updates?

Core updates are defined as significant, broad changes to Google’s search algorithms and systems according to their official blog post.

Google will always confirm core updates as it can impact your website’s ranking either positively or negatively.

The key difference to note with a core update is that it is not done incrementally.

First Core Update Since COVID-19

Previously, the last core update by Google was in January 2020 before many states issued stay-at-home orders to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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The pandemic is not only changing how we interact with others, but how we search as well.

What Can You Do?

As with other core updates that have been announced in the past, Google’s recommendation remains the same.

Google has always stated that there is nothing to fix if your website suddenly drops in ranking after a core update.

If your website has not been subjected to any manual or automatic violation from Google and does not go against its webmaster guidelines, there is no explicit action that can be taken—this is because the core update does not target any specific part of the algorithm.

Some pages on your website that have underperformed may rank higher as the way Google assessed them previously has changed.

Likewise, pages that have performed well on your website may rank lower as a result.

Consider how Google has been applying machine learning to provide users with better search results.

Are the pages and blog posts on your website effectively informing users and satisfying a specific search query?

Do you have a content marketing strategy for your fuel business?

How Does Warm Thoughts Address Core Updates?

While it is too early to tell what impacts will be made with the May 2020 Core Update, Warm Thoughts actively monitors our client’s keyword rankings and website performance.

An algorithm update may cause fluctuations in organic traffic, but it is not the end of the world for your website.

Instead, it is a signal for us to look at your website holistically rather than dig deep into a specific ranking factor.

This includes things such as:

Using industry-leading tools for marketing analytics, our team can see a birds-eye-view of all your digital campaigns and how they contribute to the success of your propane and heating oil company.

There are other opportunities you may also be missing out on like pay-per-click campaigns and Facebook advertising that can compensate for the volatility of core updates.

Are you looking to get ahead of the competition?

Managing over 125 websites and digital campaigns for propane and heating oil companies in 38 states, you could say we know a lot about your customers.

We are ready to help your website stand out from the rest with not only its look and feel, but also in search rankings.

All it takes is 15 minutes of your time to see how you can get ahead of the competition with our industry-leading insights.

Call Gary 978-235-7673 or complete the form below to get the conversation started with us today.

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