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Strategies for Customer Acquisition

Posted on May 24, 2018

Whether you’re a large, well-known name in the industry or a smaller business looking to grow, your target audience’s tastes and behaviors are evolving – and are no longer what they might have been ten years ago. While Yellow Page or print advertising in local newspapers once seemed effective methods for customer acquisition, today’s customers’ tastes, behaviors, and viewing habits have changed.

As a propane, heating oil or HVAC company looking to acquire new customers, you can sit around and hope that new customers will call your office – or, you can take a proactive approach to reach those ideal prospects. And it all starts with an integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy.

Through a combination of modern marketing techniques and frequent exposure, your company can reach your ideal prospects where they interact, at the right time, with the right offer. And with the anticipated busy Fall season arriving sooner than you think, the time to establish or refine your customer acquisition strategy is now.

Here are some channels to expand your reach and grow your customer base in preparation for the upcoming season.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

The internet never sleeps – and neither should your online presence! With 81% of homeowners conducting online research before they make a purchase, it’s essential to consider how your company is positioned online. Whether it be in the form of email marketing, pay-per-click, or online videos, digital marketing provides you the opportunity to be in front of your prospects at multiple stages of the decision-making process. From interest, to active research, to reaching the buying decision, digital marketing provides the best possible strategy to keep in front of your prospects. And with nearly 2 million website visits and 350,000 eBlast campaigns annually, Warm Thoughts Communications can help maximize your brand in the digital space.


Search Engine Optimization

Arguably the most effective customer acquisition strategy, SEO allows you to reach customers where they’re actively searching for your products and services – Google (and other search engines). Local SEO is especially important for propane, heating oil and HVAC companies because you need to be found in town, city, or regional listings to drive organic search traffic to your website. The better your content, the better your SEO ranking. And with a continued effort to keep your website optimized, it will continue to generate traffic and leads for years to come. With this in mind, its no wonder why SEO is the best strategy for long-term revenue.

Direct mail

Direct Mail

With more and more businesses turning to digital marketing initiatives, the volume of direct mail in consumer mailboxes has been on the decline. And less mail in mailboxes provides an opportunity for your direct mail promotion to really stand out. With the right list and the right strategy, direct mail can be a powerful tool for generating high quality leads from homeowners in your market area. Warm Thoughts provides a turnkey solution from list purchasing to creative development, print production and mailing. In fact, in just one year, we deliver 700,000 pieces of direct mail and distribute 2.15 million newsletters for our clients.

Social media

Social Media

The gasoline and fire that spreads your online content, social media platforms have evolved in recent years, proving essential to engagement and relationship building. With over 1.7 billion active daily users, Facebook is the largest social networking site, and among those users are some of your ideal customers. In fact, research shows that 77% of businesses have acquired customers via Facebook. Given its expansive user base, Facebook has a vast amount of data on users, providing an opportunity to serve targeted ads to users that fit the profile of ideal customers in your area. And with over 220,000 Facebook followers generated for our clients per year (that’s 6,000 new followers every month!), Warm Thoughts has increased clients’ social media effectiveness by over 700%.

So what is your company’s plan for acquiring new customers this fall? While there is no single solution for acquiring new customers, using the right combination of tactics and channels will ultimately create a process that works for your business’ unique goals.

Warm Thoughts has generated successful outcomes for clients by understanding how to attract more qualified leads, and, even more important, engage them. Contact us today to see how we helped a mid-sized diversified energy and home services company increase their customer base by 300%.

“A couple years ago we had Warm Thoughts create a new web presence for us. The end result was a high quality website that is consistently updated with the latest offers and new informational blogs that has not only received multiple compliments from different vendors we work with, but has also helped us gain and retain new customers.”
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