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Why Artificial Intelligence Matters to Your Business

Posted on July 18, 2019

You’ve defined your target audience, allocated your ad budget, crafted your headline, and carefully selected your images. But how do you know if your digital ad is going to generate results?

While we once relied on the subjective nature of whether or not we “like” an ad, breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are changing the game, delivering real insights into what makes for an effective ad.

Case Study: Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence Analysis in action

Warm Thoughts’ strategic partner, ReachLocal recently conducted a Data Driven Design study that leveraged the power of Deep Learning Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence Analysis to examine the performance of 50,000 display ads. By using Computer Vision to identify each ad’s ’Visual Class’ the study yielded real data and results – as opposed to the traditional way of relying on the subjective stance of what “good” looks like and hoping for the best.

The common denominator that the study investigated was an uplift in overall click-through-rate. This insight gives conclusive evidence on best practices for different ad design aspects. After examining the top positive and negative visual classes, the study was able to concretely identify what had the greatest impact on the overall click-through-rate of display campaigns.

Some High-Level Takeaways:

Case Study: Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence Analysis in action

Example Color Analysis:

Text Analysis:

Computer Vision identified:

Getting Smart with the Creative

The study revealed insights that can be applied to make ads most effective.

  1. Understand the goal of the ad.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Provide clear direct messaging.
  4. If providing images, supply high quality ones.
  5. Communicate your idea/vision for the ad.
  6. Define the look and feel.
  7. Supply necessary text (and remember to keep it simple!).

Success by the Numbers

In 2018, the ReachLocal team created over 1.5 million ads and 63 unique brands, serving over 20 national brands. With over 400 employees on the DesignIQ team, they serve customers in over 170 local markets with a same day/next day turnaround for ads. Part of the USA Today Network, ReachLocal most recently took home an AdExchanger award for Best Use of Data By a Publisher.

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