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Why Businesses Must Adapt to the “New SEO”

Posted on January 26, 2015

Old SEO vs. New SEO

If we could take a time machine back to circa 2005, we could achieve very good search results simply by inserting the 2-4 words that people use in their searches (e.g., “oil furnace repair company”) into your website’s page text and META tags. This was traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Despite what some tech guys or junk mail spammers might tell you today, however, traditional SEO efforts alone will no longer get you on the first page of Google. (But patenting that time machine will definitely get you a top ranking on Google and a whole bunch of money!)

As an owner or executive in a propane, oil, or HVAC company, you are too busy growing your business to keep up with changes in the search industry. So let me give you a quick summary—and a solution—for competing for organic (non-paid) clicks with today’s “new SEO.”

The Pigeon has come home to roost

Google Pigeon

Google, the 300-pound gorilla in search, has recently introduced a 300-pound “Pigeon”—the code name for the company’s latest algorithm update.

With each update, Google re-programs its computers to assign various levels of importance to hundreds of factors involved in any search engine results page (SERP). These updates occur partly because Google is endlessly trying to improve their results, and partly because they are endlessly trying to thwart businesses that try to “game” those results.

“Panda” went after content farms that generated massive amounts of low-quality pages to spam search results. “Penguin” attacked keyword stuffing and ln-bound linking schemes (to falsely suggest popularity). “Hummingbird” added previous queries considerations to serve you more personal results.

Now as of July 2014, the “Pigeon” update has arrived. More than ever before, high rankings depend upon influencers far beyond mere keyword targeting: Local listings near the searcher, depth and breadth of social media presence, human interaction, and other factors are being given more weight than ever before.

How you can avoid Pigeon droppings

To help your website avoid dropping in the SERPs, you need to forget the “old” and get with the “new.”

New SEO requires a dedicated effort, which includes building:

So to help your oil, propane, or HVAC business grow via more SEO leads, old-fashioned META tag targeting is no longer enough to achieve a diverse range of high, first-page rankings in search engine results.

To succeed at “new SEO,” you need to develop a more engaging online relationship with your customers through steady social media communications and useful, customer-focused site content for high SERP rankings!

Jacob Peck

Jacob L. Peck is a Digital Account Executive at Warm Thoughts Communications. He has over 20 years of experience managing major accounts for top technology companies, including Apple, Epson, and Ingram Micro. He works with business owners and executives to acquire new customers and improve retention of existing customers in an increasingly competitive environment by developing Digital Marketing strategies that address their companies total web presence. Do you have questions about this article or how Warm Thoughts can help you? Contact Jacob today!

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