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Why You Need a Mobile-friendly Website…Now

Posted on February 19, 2015

So you think the website that you launched four years ago is still all you need?

Hold the phone.

No, literally, hold the phone.

Take a look at your site in any smartphone, and if what you see is sort of miniature version of your propane, heating oil or HVAC website, then you have a non-miniature problem.

Google has recently started sending a warning to “old fashioned,” non-mobile websites:

Google Webmaster Tools: Alert! Fix mobile usability issues found on…

Note the subtle phrase “ranked appropriately,” which essentially means, “ranked on page 200 of search results.” Perhaps this is a warning shot for the time being, but it is most definitely an alert that Google is looking unfavorably at non-mobile sites.

Why mobile matters to Google

Consider these recent statistics:

Now consider a homeowner who needs a heating system repair, or a propane or heating oil delivery. What are the chances that many mobile users could be looking for the products or services you provide while using their device? As we can see, those chances are getting more and more likely.

If your business is not displayed in the search results or your postage-stamp size presentation of your site is difficult to read and navigate on a mobile device, then you are putting your business needlessly at risk by falling behind on today’s mandatory Web technology.

Why mobile matters beyond Google

One of the most important criterion for a website—mobile, or not—is ease of use.

This need for convenience and general usability is only amplified on smaller, less powerful devices than desktops.

By having a mobile-ready version of your site, you provide benefits such as:

So get moving—get mobile!

Honestly, there is no good reason to lag behind in core sales and marketing technology. Unless you are convinced that smartphones and tablets are fads, you need to get on board with how your business can best communicate with Internet users who are on the move.

Jacob Peck

Jacob L. Peck is a Digital Account Executive at Warm Thoughts Communications. He has over 20 years of experience managing major accounts for top technology companies, including Apple, Epson, and Ingram Micro. He works with business owners and executives to acquire new customers and improve retention of existing customers in an increasingly competitive environment by developing Digital Marketing strategies that address their companies total web presence.

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