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“I have been a Warm Thoughts client for 20 years. They handle every aspect of our company’s marketing strategy — print, web, social media, vehicle design, advertising, direct mail. They have an unmatched knowledge of our business. They have a great team, and do a terrific job of bringing new ideas to our company, and executing for us. I would highly recommend Warm Thoughts to anyone in the heating oil, propane or HVAC business.”
– David O’Connell, Wilson Oil & Propane

“Warm Thoughts has been a great partner for all of our marketing efforts. They’ve rebuilt three websites for us, all of which we’ve seen a wonderful improvement on. They’ve composed successful direct mail campaigns, email marketing campaigns, digital campaigns, and have provided countless hours of superb consulting support. As one of the largest suppliers of fuel oil and propane in our area, while also maintaining several smaller, separate COD oil companies, we have worked with them on small and large projects, all of which have been completed to our satisfaction. Richard has tons of industry advice and overall knowledge to share, and Michele our account supervisor is always helpful and timely. Warm Thoughts is a great company to work with, staffed with good people who produce excellent results.”
– Rick Bottini, president, Bottini Fuel, Wappingers Falls, NY

“We have worked with Warm Thoughts Communications for more than 10 years. The custom newsletters they create for us have been an excellent vehicle to communicate with our customers, increase sales and develop loyalty. Their expert development and management of our website has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on other aspects of our business. They handle our reputation management online, and new customers frequently mention the online reviews as the primary reason our customers contacted us. Rich Goldberg, Michele Asfalg and the entire team at Warm Thoughts understands our marketing needs and have been an instrumental part of the growth of our business in the past decade.”
– Jeff Jennings, president, Jennings Oil, Danbury, CT

“We began working with Warm Thoughts a couple of years back when we purchased a group of propane/heating oil companies in the Northeast. As a Texas-based energy company, we had no marketing experience in heating oil and HVAC service, or in the customer demographic of that part of the country. The Warm Thoughts team was able to quickly get us up to speed and help us develop a strategy to market these businesses. After successfully building out a series of websites and social pages, and managing all of our digital campaigns and customer communications, it became clear to us that they were a true asset… so much so that we invited them to take over all of our marketing including our large propane business in Texas, and for all of the acquisitions we are moving forward with throughout the southern region. We consider them to be a true partner and a key to our success.”
– Casey Wuan, Vice President, Meritum Energy Holdings, San Antonio, TX

“Thanks for all of your hard work running the FMA member customer service and sales training sessions. The attendance was strong and the feedback very positive. The advice you offered to the customer retention challenge we face today was on point and attendees could readily implement in their operations the next day. It was also great to be able to take the successes of our North Jersey experience and expand it into South Jersey. Overall, we are quite pleased with the results and feel that this engagement has been a great investment of our training dollars.”
— Eric DeGesero, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

“It’s been almost 3 years since we expanded our online marketing with Warm Thoughts and upgraded to the Silver Plan Package. We are very happy with our decision. Warm Thoughts maintains our website, our Facebook page and more. They monitor everything and optimize our online marketing performance so that I don’t have to do it myself. And the results have been very strong.”
– Daren Parker, president, Parker Gas, Wilmington, NC

“Warm Thoughts handles our online marketing. Their work generates strong online results and the team is always pleasant and professional to work with. They keep our website fresh and up to date, they write interesting blog posts that drive more traffic to our site, and they measure everything they do. I love that part of their process is to have a quarterly meeting with me to review performance, make recommendations for improvements, and share online trends for us to consider incorporating into our marketing.”
– Mark Gagnon, president, P. Gagnon, South Berwick, ME

“Warm Thoughts does a wonderful job. The Warm Thoughts staff is well informed. Their website and digital marketing work is good and produces strong results. Their newsletters are informative and we consistently get good feedback from our customers. And their other print marketing initiatives generate results. To top it all off, my account manager Mindy is fun to work with and makes the process easy. A great all-round experience.”
– Marty Romanelli, president, Burt’s Reliable, Southold, NY

“When NCPGA needed an expert in social media and marketing, the clear choice for us was Warm Thoughts. They have been creative, professional and above all have given us measurable results for our investment. The hardest for an association to do when it spends money on marketing is to prove that it made a difference. I can confidently say that when it comes to the work that Warm Thoughts has done for us in North Carolina, it has made a SIGNIFICANT difference.”
– John Jessup, president, North Carolina Propane Gas Association, NC

“We’ve worked with Warm Thoughts for years. They handle our customer newsletters and our online marketing. Our newsletters have been a great reminder about what Needham provides, and it keeps the Needham brand on the top of their minds! They are always adding new content and blog posts to my website, keeping it fresh and making sure we stay on the top of the search engines. They really do a great job.”
– Erinn Woodcock, president, Needham Oil & Air, Needham, MA

“I would highly recommend Ed’s training and consulting services. Over several months, he made a real contribution to the growth of our CSR and Sales team. He has helped Walton’s people to develop the skills we needed to better manage our inbound and outbound calls. His focus on our core mission of adding new customers, hanging on to existing ones and upselling our service offerings is right on target.”
— Christopher Walton, Clyde S. Walton, Inc., Lansdale, PA

“Our breakthrough group has been unbelievably helpful. I can pick up the phone and call any of the guys, and there’s always someone who has had some experience with the issue I’m confronting. The brainstorming is phenomenal, and Rich does a great job of creating an atmosphere that supports us being open and helpful.”
— Craig Snyder, Bantom Wesson Energy, Waterbury, CT

“When I first sat in your office to discuss our program, you told me what you wanted to change the strategy you wanted to implement, and I thought you guys were crazy. But we trusted you and it paid off in a BIG way. We’ve had virtually no negative feedback from customers and we’ve already generated an additional $300,000 in revenue!”
— Roy Rucci, Rucci Oil Co., Staten Island, NY

“We’ve always been satisfied with the custom newsletter that Warm Thoughts produces for us. It’s been a strong customer retention tool and keeps our customers connected to our services. We enjoy working with their team, as they are very easy to work with and help us stay on top of the newsletter. And they add value to our website and other marketing services.”
– Connie Caldwell, general manager, Carolina Heating Service, Spartanburg, SC

“I can’t speak highly enough about how well Warm Thoughts helps us explain complex issues to our customers through our newsletter. It’s been a great tool to help us inform and promote our services to our customers.”
– Darren LeDoux, Westmore Fuel, Greenwich, CT

“Warm Thoughts has been handling our company newsletter for years and it has consistently been a successful part of our overall marketing and communications. We continue to have a great working relationship, which we credit to our account manager, Mindy.”
– Lisa Scudieri, DF Richard, Dover, NH

“Warm Thoughts has been an invaluable partner, creating a fully integrated web and social media presence, print and email marketing, brand development, merger communications and overall growth strategy. I can’t say enough good things.”
– John Tolan, Sail Energy

“The difference between Warm Thoughts and my previous web company is like night and day. They are driving phenomenal traffic to our site. They do what they promise, are exceptionally responsive, and completely get my business.”
– Charlie Uglietto, President, Cubby Oil & Energy, Somerville, MA

“Michele and the team at Warm Thoughts have helped us optimize some of our customer marketing strategies, open our minds to some new ideas and encourage us to try new things. All the while, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. Overall, they are helping us improve our business and the experience has been really positive.”
– Justin Pfister, Operations Manager, Prescott Heating Oil & Propane NH

“We love working with you guys! You make it so easy to create and publish our customer newsletter. But more importantly, our customers love receiving our newsletter. As you know, we had stopped producing one for a few years, but we realized we had made a mistake when customers started calling us and asking why we weren’t sending it out anymore. Not only have we gotten excellent feedback from our customers, but we’ve sold products because of it. It’s been a strong lead generator for us and the sales we generate more than cover the cost to create the newsletter. Thanks for all that you do!”
– Wanda Niedbala, Medway Oil & Propane, Medway, MA

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